Send MMS with Image Attachment using Xamarin.iOS

Howdy! I hope you’re doing well. Today’s recipe will be a short one. Using the MFMessageComposeViewController , we can easily send an MMS with an image attachment using the iOS7 sdk. Below is a short example on how to accomplish this.       

void SendSMS ()         
{  //Init View Controller            
   var messageController = new MFMessageComposeViewController (); 
   //Verify app can send text message             
      messageController.Body = "Here's an image for u 2 n joy.";  
      //Add attachment as NSData, and set the uti                
      messageController.AddAttachment (UIImage.FromFile ("chimp.png").AsPNG ();  , "kUTTypePNG", "image.png"); 
      messageController.Finished += (sender, e) => (DismissViewController (true, null));                 
      this.PresentViewController (messageController, true, () => ViewModel.IsBusy = false);                             

That’s it!